Why Clearout?

Clearout, not just a tool but a cordial email validation and verification service meant to improvise according to customer needs.

What makes us BETTER?

| 98%+ accuracy level

| 35% lower rates on credits

| 24*7 availability of support

| 500 free credits on sign up

|. 10 * faster turnaround time

| 5 certifications within a year

What makes us UNIQUE?

| Distinctive plugins – Wordpress. Google sheet.

| Team account together with the Enterprise model

| Subscription model – both monthly & annual

| Integrations with top CRM’s and ESP’s

Highly trusted Email verifier

With 10000+ multi sized business using our services across the world, we work to garner better results out of email campaigns


Emails Verified


Bounce Detected


Cost Saving


Deliverability Achieved

Further decisive comparisons for you

Clearout gives its competitors run for their money by outperforming in terms of price, features & speed.

Features Clearout Zerobounce
Free Credits 500 250
5,000 Credits $45 $50
Subscription Model Monthly + Annually Monthly Monthly
Custom-Made Plan YES Not Available

What our customers are saying

Our customers love Clearout. Here are some examples of how we've helped people accomplish more with their email lists.

Great API and support that helped me identify 10% of the contacts in my well-managed data were invalid. It has the best price, easy to use so, we have integrated Clearout API with our product SigParser.

- Paul Mendoza, Co-founder | SigParser

An excellent resource that increased our deliverability by 23% in some cases. It’s now part of our ‘go-to’ tool stack for outreach campaigns.

- Deepak, Lemon Pearl - Founder

An easy dashboard, concrete statics, and incredible support will consider your business as theirs and will take care of it. Its multiple integrations with top ESP’s have been really helpful in boosting our business.

- Rafael Rojas, Pérez, Psychologist, writer, speaker, and life coach

Its not only a powerful tool of improving your deliverability., but it also offers you data about your subscribers that can be valued in marketing reports, it appends Domains Segregation as well. Price Comparison is WORTH mentioning.

- Sanjay Anand, Director - HAMMER PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD.

After trying clearout I almost never see any bounces or failed deliveries and our open rate is as high as 82% sometimes because the quality of our list is so good now. The guaranteed deliverable feature gives us a lot of confidence in clearout as a product

- Hayk Saakian, Cofounder and COO - Logic Inbound

They listen to what WE want. I told them I wished they had integration with ActiveCampaign, and within a few days they did. That is some serious customer support!

- Justin Herring, Co-Founder | YEAH! Local